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Are you missing out on Millions of Potential Readers???

In the first 142 days since Apple first started accepting new iPhone Apps, there have been over 10,000 apps added to the App Store. Sales topped $30 million in the first month of the iPhone App Store. Many analyst estimate within next 2 years the iPhone Apps will be a Billion Dollar Industry!!!


Check Out This Case Study of a client who used our propriety software to quickly get on the iPhone:

Stage 01: Background

Danny is a publisher of various books / articles and now want the “Simple Fitness Guide” to be published on iPhone as an eBook and wants it made available to millions of iPhone users through AppStore.

Stage 02: Question about requirements:

We asked few questions to Danny about his requirements and below is abstract of the same which gives us fair idea of his requirements

  1. Questions: Are you Technical Person or have knowledge of development of application or websites?

Answer: I am not a non-technical person, most of my work is in design, I have a degree in Computer Science, even though I formally do not do much programming because of how time consuming it can be.

  1. Questions: Are you planning to develop iPhone reader application for yourself and what are your budgets & timelines?

Answer: I have no plans to do development of any applications nor I have any plans to do investment in creating my own iPhone eBook reading application, I would like my eBooks developed on iPhone to be done quickly with very limited investments.

  1. Question: Do you have iPhone SDK developers license?

Answer: No, I don’t have iPhone SDK developer’s license and I am not planning in getting that.

  1. Question: Do you have Mac-OS PC, which is required for iPhone Application development?

Answer: Yes, I  have Mac-OS PC.

  1. Question: How would you like your Sales of books be tracked?

Answer: I want to track each sales transition that is made for each book and I would like to have daily / weekly / monthly / yearly sales reports if that is possible.


  1. Question: Do you have any concerns of Copyrights & protection of your content?

Answer: Yes, I would like my book should be copy protected and secured.

  1. Question: What features you would like to have in your eBook?

Answers: I have studied various ebooks on AppStore and would like to have below listed features:

    1. User selectable font and size

    2. Completely off-line usage. Once downloaded to the device, books can be read without an Internet connection, even in airplane mode.

    3. Have Day/ Night reading mode

    4. Ability to add Text Notes & Voice Notes

    5. Bookmark

    6. Read in portrait or landscape with the ability to "lock-in" an orientation regardless of the device’s current position.

    7. He want to customize his eBook with support for HTML, Word, text file formats and images like web pages but does not know how to use HTML / CSS Tags.

    8. About us Page with copyright information

    9. He wants to do formatting of ebook himself like adding background wallpaper which will make his book look clean and have easy navigation.

    10. He wants to ensure that Volume 2 of his book will be a big and will Huge one with almost 1000+ A4 Pages.

    11. Books can be read on iPhone & iPod Touch

    12. A Splash at open to display his book title.

  1. Question: Do you want to sell that book with a cost or distribute it free of cost ?

Answers: I have not yet decided the exact price of the book but I would also like to have few of my other books to be published free of cost but generates revenue through advertisement banner.

  1. Question: What is the current format of your book, is that a physical book or do you have the same in soft copy like PDF or DOC or Text ?

Answers: Yes I have a PDF copy of my book

  1. Question: Do you think you want your books also made available on Google Android G1 phone ?

Answers: WOW!!! Will that be also possible ?

  1. Question: Does your book also have supporting Audio / Video CD presentation?

Answers: I am planning to have a Audio + Video Guide in near future.


Stage 02: Analysis of questions and solution propsed.

iPhone-eReader 2.0 is a perfect solutions for Danny’s requirements on basis of above questions & answer this is how it works:

  • Technical Person: To create a book for iPhone-eReader 2.0 you don’t have to be a technical person, After you sign up membership of you are given login access to our online Publishing Platform, this is a simple online tool through which you create your Book, Chapters & Contents

  • Investments & timelines: When you sign up with you don’t have to invest in creating iPhone eBook Application for each book and even you don’t have to worry to maintain it, iPhone-eReader 2.0 is a powerful Book template engine.

  • Our Publishing Platform automatically creates an XML Database which then will display correctly into our eReder. This database is added to iPhone-eReader book template engine and on compilation it creates a standalone iPhone Application which is ready to be published on AppStore.

  • Developer’s License: All the eBooks created through our services are published through our Publication Account on AppStore and you don’t have to worry about submitting the book on AppStore and getting it listed, its all done by us as a part of the membership deal and there is no uploading charges. We do not offer books to be listed through your ID for tracking sales, royalty and other reports.

  • Mac-OS: All you need is a Internet connected PC with any browser, the online Author’s secured section which has ability to create books also keeps track of sales & reports so you don’t need to have Mac-OS PC.

  • Track sales transition: The online system Author section generates powerful daily / weekly / monthly / yearly sales reports.

  • Copyrights & protection: All the books are published on iPhone-eReader are in binary compiled format and are fully secured, plus our agreement covers all your copyrights & Protection.

  • Features: Click this to look at iPhone-eReader page.

  • Pricing : give you full flexibility to decide the price model of your books and even you can list the books free for distribution on AppStore. If you want to generate revenue through advertisement on Click or banner we have various options for the same.

  • Google Android G1 phone: Currently we do not have the facility to publish books for G1, Yes, we have already started development of the same application for the G1

  • Audio + Video Guide: Yes, that is possible to have Audio + Video supported eBooks


   End Of Case Study

Simple, Affordable, Fast, Easy This is how easy it is:

  1. Give us a copy of your ebook in a digital format, i.e. (.html  .doc  .rtf  .txt)
  2. We will use our Publishing Platform to convert your ebook into an iPhone Book format (an "application").  Your ebook will then be available in our eBook Reader format.
  3. Then, we take your eBook, which is now converted into an iPhone App, and we will submit it to be sold/distributed on the iPhone or iPod Touch through:
    • iPhone App Store
    • Apple iTunes

Benefits of using us:

a. Time - the greatest benefit to using our system to get your eBook converted and distributed as an iPhone App is that we are going to save you a lot of time which is probably your most valuable asset.  Getting your eBook ready for the iPhone on your own would not only difficult but could take months of work. Simply submitting an app to the App Store/iTunes properly can be a time-consuming task. If you use our system all you have to do is get us a digital copy of your book. We take care of the rest. We can have your Book On the iPhone in 7 Days or Less!!!

b. Cost - unless you are a skilled iPhone App developer yourself, getting your eBook turned into an iPhone App could be very expensive.  Good iPhone App developers will charge anywhere from $60 to $100 per hour. This adds up fast and you could easily see the cost of development reaching thousands of dollars. Use our system and have it all done for fraction of the cost!!! Whether you have a proven and popular eBook that you would like to get in front of a new audience or you have new eBook and need a fast way to promote it, our system has the ability to quickly and affordably get your content in the hugely popular iPhone App Store.


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